The love triangle involving Gallo and his boss Hawkins is

The Gallo, Hawkins, and Violet love triangle is still alive. People have seen countless lives over the years, and while some have organized to stand the trial of time, others have gone out of their way expecting poor timing, competent disappointments, and the common chaos of life. 

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Her chances to save an affair with Chief Hawkins have been burdened by the fact that he’s superior and that Gallo still has feelings for her. There is still a lot of confusion between them. It will not be as easy as she gets on with Hawkins. It’s still a complicated situation for all three of them, and Gallo ends up very much in between those two. 

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In the final week’s event named “Finish What You Started,” Violet told her particularly personal beau Chief Hawkins that she’s in love with him. She panicked for a brief eternity as she didn’t aim to drop the four-letter word just yet, but Hawkins revealed the feeling was joint. 

The relationship is confused because Hawkins is in a role of strength as she expands. It’ll be fun to see how Newman and company manage to juggle all of these stories and give them a fulfilling explanation before the finale is up.


  1. I hate the b-tch who is trying to break up Chief Hawkins and Violet!!! They need to take her down!!! If Stella Kidd dies, I will no longer watch Chicago Fire!! Kelly has lost too much already!!!


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