Deshaun Watson trade

Although there have been allegations of “a lot of grumblings” among NFL owners regarding the Browns’ deal for Deshaun Watson and then his subsequent extension, Cleveland players Jimmy and Dee Haslam have not been given the notion that this is the case.

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Jimmy Haslam claimed his interactions with his colleagues during the NFL’s annual owners’ meeting were “regular” when asked about them by a group of reporters on Tuesday.

Haslam exclaimed, “Yeah, I mean, really good!” “Peter King’s narrative caught my attention, and I decided to read it. Some people refuse to speak to you face to face. However, as is the case every day, we’ve had wonderful contacts with owners. So far, no difference has been detected.”

Haslam’s co-owners believed that trading six picks and offering the player “who may be found guilty of heinous offenses” $80 million in guaranteed dollars more than any other player who has ever played in the NFL in the past “stinks to high heaven,” according to the author of King’s “Football Morning In America” column.

On the other hand, other owners have kept any animosity toward the Haslams’ family quiet this week. Steve Bisciotti, the Ravens’ general manager, has already stated that he disapproves of the move. claims that “I’m not sure if [Watson] was the first player to receive a deal that guaranteed him full-time employment. That’s new to me, and it’ll have an impact on other players’ agreements.”


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