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Fast, junk proceeds when it comes to American dishes, then this country is known for those things for best which denote words which are greasy grinding to industrial products for better. But in the USA, people desire to be hungry for good things. 

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His unending pure inner building has to be celebrated with fantastic dishes. And you try to have a good taste of this food in your home furthermore. We also know that you all are debating these things continuously. 

Largely you accept that it’s so hard to describe American food, and if we get any American foods, it simply means that we agree with his culture and may also like his dishes. Now start the rubber apron. Here is a list of American food you try in your kitchen. 

1• key lime pie: Don’t waste it if someone gives you something. First make a pie, the official state of Florida, this sesi toast makes his name in the universe which started but where. Florida kij, which comes from the word of pain givers, belongs to small lemons. A self-builder billionaire builder of Florida for shiv salver William for the chef, first a part aunty lime has to get the credit to make pie first time in the time of 1800. But you mainly have reached the sweet lime, sweet deep milk, and the mixture of eggs outsider things have invented thanks to Florida punch fisherman, which can be cooked in the surf. And you also have to make it with the help of material. 

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2• Banana slash: Firstly, thanks to those people who invented Sunday. This is the story of let drop Pennsylvania, experimenting with Sunday. First, he divided it into the shape of a banana and dropped him a large sail dish. This dish was again made in 1907 and finally got its name in 1920. Walgreens has expanded his sweet me in the entire world. You also have brought more food to this festival organized in June of the 2nd week in Wilmington. 

3• Gorp – good old raisins and gorp is an ancient food used in Europe by telly to mix big and bin. Here, the long-distance walk is a trend, so this is the rocketing food for every American readily available on every side. 

4• Cheeseburger: It was made by a mistake of the right sports staff. My burger had to burn, so he covered this with paneer, and our favorite burger is that of a cheeseburger made in Mexico, green capsicum with netch. 

5•NachosAgnosia nacho Inaya invented Nachos when the American soldier’s wife came into the restaurant after a break when she posted on ford dankan. Matre De Agnosia has something in his hand that she made some improvements for girls and made a new dish. And after this, the word became famous throughout the entire universe. 

6• Indian fry bread– this is the fried flat surface of the flour. This item is made with salt, sugar, flour, lard, and first-time Navajo who made this thing and introduced former to our dish, fried is an energy booster. We make it very interesting with the help of bunda band or ground beef tomato, onion, paneer, and salad also with these things an Indian fry bread.

7• popcorn – popcorn day is celebrated in America before labor day on Saturday, and this dish Was firstly used in America to pop the maize corn and make the popcorn in Bc of 3600.


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