Top 5 Breaking Soul Ties Prayer: For Spiritual Healing

Breaking Soul Ties Prayer: Our soul is a divine connection to the universe in our hearts. It is a crucial part of who we are and how we understand ourselves. We feel our souls connect us with others, and it’s one of the essential parts of our lives.

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When you feel a disruption in your life, it can be difficult to pray because you struggle to find peace. However, prayer doesn’t work out because you’ve broken soul ties with those you love or need help from. If this has happened, then there is hope for healing. Here are some ways spiritual healing might be possible.

What is a soul tie?

A soul tie is a connection you have to someone with whom you have a relationship. A soul tie might be the person who found you when you were abandoned as a child, or it could be the person you’ve loved for your entire life. Soul ties can also be people that we feel obligated to care for and help somehow. 

Top 5 Breaking Soul Ties Prayer: For Spiritual Healing

When we break these ties, it can cause us to feel anger, resentment, fear, and other negative emotions. If you want spiritual healing, then there are some ways that this might happen. Some methods include praying for those who need your help, supporting those who need support, and sharing your story with others to give hope.

How does breaking a soul tie help?

If you feel that you’ve broken your soul ties with someone, praying can be challenging. You might struggle to find peace because you’re no longer connected to the person. However, there are ways that spiritual healing might be possible.

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One way is by changing your mind and heart about what relationships are essential in your life and who you want them to be with. Sometimes relationships get out of balance because we focus on one person or another more than what is healthy. If a soul tie has been broken, it’s time to give a relationship some attention.

Top 5 Breaking Soul Ties Prayer: For Spiritual Healing

Religious views on spiritual healing

Many individuals believe in religious views on spiritual healing. In some cases, individuals believe that God has already healed the individual, or there’s no need for prayer because God is already doing the work. In other cases, people believe that prayer is a matter of faith and doesn’t always work. However, if you are still struggling with spiritual healing, consider these biblical verses:

Corinthians 7:10-11

Now to the unmarried and the widows, I say: It is suitable for them to stay unmarried, as I do. But if they cannot control themselves and want to marry, they should marry only in the Lord. For such people, marriage is honorable and chaste, but matrimony without hope of the future brings sorrow.

How to break soul ties

First, you should find out what has disrupted your life. Is it a conflict with someone- a friend, family member, or significant other? Or, is it some health issue that seems to be getting worse? After investigating the cause, you can begin to heal by taking action.

Top 5 Breaking Soul Ties Prayer: For Spiritual Healing

If there is an individual who needs healing, then you will want to make amends with them. You can do this by apologizing and trying to rebuild trust. It’s also important to apologize for any negative actions that have been taken against those individuals.

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Finally, if the person is not ready for reconciliation yet or just doesn’t want to work things out yet, you might need to take some time away from them. This might give your heart time to heal and give them time for closure so they can move on from the relationship without rage and bitterness.

Lastly, after all of these efforts are made, forgiveness should be given for you and your loved ones to move on. Forgiveness is often challenging but could lead to peace and serenity in your life again!

Soul ties in our lives

Soul ties are physical and spiritual connections that we form with other people, places, or things. They come in many forms, such as old relationships, habits, addictions, places of worship, and even objects. Soul ties are sometimes a part of our identity.

Over time, soul ties can cause us to feel disconnected from our true selves. We may repress certain aspects of ourselves because soul ties make it easier to hide from who we are and what challenges we need to face.

Some soul ties provide comfort and security, while others can create fear and anxiety. When these types of attachments become too intense or out of control, they can cause us to feel stuck in an unhealthy way that stops us from progressing.

Top 5 Breaking Soul Ties Prayer: For Spiritual Healing

Soul ties with others

Soul ties can be created with others, such as friends or family members. These soul ties can be compelling and, for many people, quite challenging to let go of. For example, you might have a strong bond with your mother because she’s the only one who is always there for you.

Or you might feel a deep connection with a particular pet that helped you when you were going through tough times. You might have spent much time around your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, who became close to your heart and eventually led to your breakup.

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Soul ties are most often formed due to time spent together in one way or another. These soul ties sometimes become so strong that we lose our individuality, so they are so hard to break.

Soul Tie Releasing Prayer

Soul ties are robust, but they can be released through prayer. You could start with this prayer to release your soul ties and then continue with a prayer for forgiveness for any negative feelings you may have towards the person or thing you’re holding on to.

Best 5 Breaking Soul Ties Prayer

Soul ties are robust. They can be the cause of significant mental, emotional and spiritual distress. The fear of letting go of someone or something so important in your life is often the number one reason for keeping soul ties around.

Soul ties are sometimes called attachments or bonds. You may say you are holding on to them because they remind you of who you used to be or because they have helped you grow as a person. Whatever their purpose, soul ties have a way of holding us back from our true potential. Let’s look at what soul ties are and the top 5 best Breaking Soul Ties Prayer.

  1. “Dear God, Please help me release my soul ties from (name of person/thing). I know that soul ties are no longer in my life, and they do not want me to be either. Please bring peace into my heart as I let go of the past. In Your name, amen.”
  1. “I am a cross of Christ between me and [name this person]. You break every soul tie and unholy bond with that individual by your cross. And by Jesus’ death on the cross, you send all their sin back to them. You also forbid any warfare or evil in them to transfer onto yourself. Allowing only God’s love remains between us- amen.”
  1. “Dear Lord, please guide me to draw close to you. Remove any person who is causing me trouble in my life and focus on them rather than you. Break evil soul ties between us and strengthen my faith so I may not be tempted by these relationships again in the future. Prevent this from happening by breaking all of Satan’s “soul ties” formed with people alongside me; help me walk more freely while living a life according to what Jesus died for-a free spirit! Amen.” – This Breaking Soul Ties Prayer is also good.
  1. “Father, I am so sorry for the wrong that I have done. Please forgive me as I did not follow your path and walk in it. Wash my sins away with your blood, Lord Jesus Christ – please purify me! The blood of Jesus Christ now nullifies whatever agreements or soul ties we had! Forgive me and help to break off any relationship that is still attached to you through our sinful actions at a previous point in time. Now choose only your lordly power and refuse all else but yourself-I will cling onto this love for eternity without fail! In God’s name Amen.”
  1. “My father, I start these prayers with your help. Protect me from the kingdom of darkness and its traps by washing me in the blood of Jesus. I renounce any agreements made knowingly or unknowingly which are binding upon my soul through covenants, promises, and pacts with ungodly relationships! Devil, you have nothing on me because it was all bought at a price – thank you, Lord! In Jesus’ name Amen.”


Soul ties are spiritual bonds between people that can be damaging and unhealthy. They create a separation in your life that can hinder your spiritual growth. There are many ways to break a soul tie of any kind, but this prayer is meant to focus on the healing of soul ties that have been created through religious affiliations.



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