Some favourite American sustenance of all the eternity

Americans are always known for some reason in all the daily news, but here we talk about the most delicious food of the Americans whose craze is in India also. 

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1• Breakfast sausage: All the cork lovers of America have loved the sausage because it has a lot of nutrients and it uses apples, Onion, Mustard, cabbage, and tomato. A farmer in America invented this dish, and it has many vitamins. 

2• S’mores: This smores are roasted, and it’s the layer of chocolate sandwiched among the two pieces of graham crackers; it is a dessert or a cooling mouth dish. It’s exciting, and it’s better for our health also. 

3• Chicken and waffles – some years ago, some knowledgeable person thought to combine the fried chicken and the waffles stack and make the lovely, savoury breakfast stable. His son told the universe about this dish, so this creepiest food was invented in America. 

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4• Pancakes– when we talk about a special breakfast, the main breakfast we have to serve is pancakes. They are a flat cake that is mainly flat and circular, starch is based on butter and had coke on a hot surface, and we keep maple syrup with fruit back and egg and coke with chocolate sauce. And obviously, pancakes won the hearts of people. 

5• Mac and cheese: This is the combination of macaroni and paneer, this pulao who cooked in the oven has the best food in America if you want exciting mac cheese, so you have to do the uses of batter quantity of things, and this is the combination of mac and paneer also, the first time this dish is invented by Thomas keyed, and he gained a lot of word for this, but he can’t pressurise anyone that he is doing great all the people has to invent many ways to make this enjoyable. 

6• Hot Dogs – sandwich under a crack bun caught up with a fold of mustard; it’s made by Kasai who lives in Germany and invented this in 1600 tenth, he was famous in Chicago in 1893. All the people think we should try the hot dog bug; it’s t to all the minds take mustard catchup with money, onion, salty and garnish on capsicum and paneer. 

7• cheesecake– the food that melts in your mouth is an exciting dish. William Laurence has to thank that o invented this mistakenly cream paneer. To make this first, use a lot of cream and cheese, using a biscuit base, and it’s designed with fruit, white cream, and nuts with chocolate syrup.


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