Skip Bayless admits that he was wrong about the prediction of Larry Bird

Larry Bird was not the most powerful, fastest or most powerful during his entire basketball playing career. Bird led the Indiana State Sycamores to victory in the 1979 NCAA championship, but they lost the tournament to Magic Johnson’s Michigan State Spartans. 

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Bird averaged 30.3 points, 13.3 rebounds, and 4.4 assists during his college days. The impressive numbers failed to persuade basketball analysts, scouts and reporters of his incredible potential for the NBA. Bird was popularly referred to as “Larry Legend”

On the 75th anniversary of the NBA, Skip Bayless named his 10 most popular NBA players. The co-host of Undisputed named Larry Bird among the top 10 players. Bayless also placed Bird eighth in his list of the most popular players in the NBA. Bird proved to the basketball world that lack of athleticism should not be the main hurdle to a successful basketball career. The then-future sportswriter promised never to be a believer in others’ judgment when evaluating basketball potential.

Skip Bayless named Bird among his 10 most popular NBA players. Bird is considered one of the best basketball players in the NBA. Bird was named eighth on the list of the top 10 players in NBA history. Bird has been named one of the NBA’s most successful players since his retirement from the NBA in 1995. Bird’s career spanned more than 40 years, with the Boston Celtics legend scoring more than 1,000 points a game a year in a single season in the league. Bird is the most successful player in the history of basketball.



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