Why didn't the Seattle Seahawks draft Wilson instead of Drew Lock

In March, the Seattle Seahawks marketed franchise quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos. Quarterback Drew Locke was supposed to be part of the package in exchange for Wilson. When it reached the election last week, everyone recognized the Seahawks would prefer Wilson’s heir in earlier week’s draft.

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Pete Carroll, Seahawks head coach, delivered a very confident vote on Locke. Carroll said that he thought Drew Locke would have been early to be one of the quarterbacks. He explained he had no reluctance in telling that Locke would have been the initial person in the draft.

Why didn't the Seattle Seahawks draft Wilson instead of Drew Lock

The Seahawks presently have four quarterbacks on their list, involving Locke, veteran Geno Smith, Jacob Eason, and undrafted free agent Levi Lewis.

The prime look at Drew, he’s athletic, he’s a bright athlete, you can detect he’s fetched a bunch of body strength, he’s obtained fast feet, he’s got a strong arm, he’s got several paths he can publish the football as his body’s in unique roles,” Carroll expanded.

“He’s got an actual mastery there. He’s prepared a powerful organ, and he can toss the ball a mile down the arena. He correlates to Geno, and Geno Smith has an enormous branch. He has a world-class division and all that. To match up with that, that’s telling a lot.”


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