Retired Massive Footballer Combating Cancer moreover 

A big ten old player has known about his cancer six times, his name is Casey O’Brien. He is from Saint Paul Minn, he gained a lot of rewards in the 2020 big ten sportsmanship honore and also won the reward of 2018, 2019 and 2020 in the academic all-big ten Disney Spirit award 2019. 

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He is the son of Dan and Chris O’Brien and he has no siblings, one sister has, his father and grandfather also is a footballer and he both played for the university of st. Thomas. Casey O’Brien worked hard and he played quarterback as a freshman. 

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The placeholder of Minnesota Casey O’Brien is a fighter with this infection and to solve the problem with the help of Rendi series of KARE-11 talk with is. O’Brien told me that osteosarcoma to my right-hand side lungs was a relapse. Which I have done five times before. The reason for this is that I did it five times during my operation. 

I know that this is weird and he also will not leave me with his hitch. Casey played games from 2017 to 2020 with the golden gophers. He played two sports at that time, and both came in the season of 2019. 

When O’Brien is at the age of 13 then he knows about his cancer, and he became a motivator for others. We also give the blessing to Casey who tries to defeat the decrease all the eternity.


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