why Royce O' Neal has been banned for Game 4

For the western delegation playoff series, the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz took the ground for the third tournament on Thursday. Once Again, the Mavericks went into the court without their best player. Luca Donics continue to try to recover from the injury done in the final regular-season game. But he should come back in the series at any cost. 

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In the absence of Dallas, Jalen Brunson will be an excellent replacement for Dallas. At the time of game 2, the retired Villanova star player plays a vital role in getting the victory. He scored 41 points and helped his team win 110-104 to victory in the series. Before this earlier tonight, he lost 15 points before coming out of the game. 

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Jazz Forward Royce O’Neale struck a very reasonable shot in the back, and the point guard possessed to flee. Fan’s instant request on social media to the NBA to ban O’Neale for what he had done. One user tweeted on Twitter that Royce O’ Neal has to be banned for Game 4 for the bad behavior with Brunson. 

There must be a high possibility of banning Royce O’ Neal for game 4. Another fan said that The umpire of this game took this decision, but this was a filthy game from Royce O’ Neal. Fans were not happy with what he had done on Thursday night in the game.


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