Peter Oppegard Postponed For Misbehaving Conduct

The former U.S Olympian and current figure skating coach are famous for his misbehaving comment, and he is a highlighted figure on news tunnels. He is suspended Monday during the investigation of his abuse allegation. 

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According to Christine Brennan of USA Today, USA center sports safe sports postponed after the identifying the physical and emotional misbehaving of Peter Oppegard, the bronze medalist of 1988, to an unspecified duration. In 2013 Oppegard bit a 15-year girl named Skater Jessica Pfund during the practice session. She complained against him to Brennan. 

He was helping me to put on the ice to show me the condition of one jump climb down. His hand was catching me that time he had on me, and he touched me on my right hand akin to the nipples, told by pfund. She was shocked to think that word; she went to her house with the wound and cut Mark on her hand.

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Her mom told her she could see the teeth a bit. Pfund said that the tooth marks were shown for more than one week. Her mom discussed the whole story of Brennan, and she cleared the Mark of teeth to everyone. When she talks about Oppegard to anyone, then everything will be spoiled in her life told by Oppegard to her.

Pfund was anxious to think about Oppegard’s wife Karen Kwan and his two daughters and said he behaved like an animal, so how would he treat her? When the inquiry started in 2020, it had focused on the misbehaving of a skater who had his training coach in East-west ice palace Artesia, where he had done his training from 2005 to 2018.

The orator of safe sports, Dan Hill, declined to comment on the analysis to protect the integrity of the procedure of the festivities.


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