NFL World Reacts to Jarvis Landry's Request for a Huge Contract

Jarvis Landry is reportedly looking for a large sum of money this summer during his free agency period. According to reports, the former Cleveland Browns wide receiver is reportedly seeking a contract worth approximately $20 million per season. However, several reports state that it does not appear that this will be the case in the player’s point.

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Following the Browns’ trade of quarterback Deshaun Watson, there has been speculation that Landry may be returning to the city of his birth, Cleveland.

“What’s absurd is that I have a soft spot for Jarvis. This will result in a massive chip on my shoulder. Even though he has earned 64 million dollars throughout his career, not including endorsements, he is being treated with contempt, among other things.

I’d say that this is significantly above average. He’s enraged right now. “One more fan has been added. “He’s trapped in a fantastical world. If he’s lucky enough to earn a million dollars or more, he’ll be a millionaire in no time, “Another supporter expressed himself.


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