NFL coach Bill Belichick reacted to the prophecy of Robert Kraft

The reaction of Famous NFL Coach Bill Belichik has gone viral. In an interview, someone asked bill about the prediction of Robert Kraft’s predictions. The report is also available in the Playermaker book of Mike Florio.

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In an Interview owner of New England Patriots, Rober Kraft told that in the upcoming future Bill Belichick would be similar to Warren Buffet and Rupert Murdoch in his age of ’80s. Further, he said that he will continue to work with both of them in his old age.

In response, Bellichik stated, “I’m looking forward to this year and I have great things to do. He continued, He has to do many things in the upcoming future, also he is not looking at his past or behind his life and performances. He is currently just focused on the present and he will do many great things in his future”.

NFL fans started reacting as soon as Colin Kaepernick said this

Belichick has been the coach of the New England Patriots for two decades. Under his guidance, London Patriots have achieved great success in various tournaments. Recently, he showed some reaction about his resignation from the head coach position.

His steps toward the coach’s resignation by Bellichik surprised the NFL world. He is one of the most legendary coaches appeared ever in the NFL. After his retirement, Bill assured us that he will continue to provide his important guidance to the players.

Currently, it is believed that Belichik is not a such guy who gives up easily. Maybe, he is making great future plans which will provide a great impact in the NFL world. But, Belichik’s plans are not revealed yet and the NFL world is eagerly waiting for the next move of the Legendary Head coach.



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