NASCAR World Reacts To Bubba Wallace's Sunday Night Message

This season has been a season of setbacks for racing driver Bubba Wallace and his racing team, 23XI. Wallace proved to be another frustrating driver on Sunday at Darlington Motor Raceway. After the race was over, he shared his troubles in front of everyone in an interview on the Fox Sports TV channel.

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Fox NASCAR shared a tweet on Twitter on May 9, in which Wallace is quoted as saying, “One more time again, the disappointment, just the dispiriting.” Hundreds of people have liked and commented on this post. One fan wrote, “so unlucky this season. tragic how well he’s been running but has been screwed over so much”.

Despite facing so many difficulties, their hopes remain high. However, on May 9, another tweet was made by Wallace in which he said that “even if there are setbacks now if we keep laying cars like this….we will succeed.” More than two thousand people have shown their reaction to this tweet, and many comments have also come.

NASCAR World Reacts To Bubba Wallace's Sunday Night Message

One fan wrote on this tweet, “Y’all looked awesome out there today. Keep at it, and the finishes will come.” Another fan wrote, “Of course, you will! Proud of my team. Keep on persevering.”

It may have been a disappointing season for Wallace, but he will certainly be successful in the future. Next weekend the Cup Series will take place in Kansas.


  1. Keep wearing the clothes…..and more people are turned OFF.
    I read articles after the fact. Never watch another Nascar.
    Too much BS…Too little racing….


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