Mac Jones Reacts to what Robert Kraft Has Seen

In his sophomore season, Patriots owner Robert Kraft had high expectations for Mac Jones. England’s league’s owners Jones is a “huge fan” of his and he has “extremely high expectations” for the former first-round choice out of Alabama. At the league’s annual owners ‘ meeting, a forthright Kraft shared his opinions on New England’s rookie quarterback.

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“These young quarterbacks — excellent ones — have generally matured a lot in their second year,” Kraft told reporters. “… Mac Jones is one of my favorite musicians… I see how hard he works, how much he wants things to go well, and how much time and effort he puts in — as well as his attitude as a team player. As a result, we have a chance.”

He went on to say much more about how much he admires his quarterback. “I’m astounded,” Kraft added. “He’s such a kind guy, and he’s humble.” When I go in early on weekends, he’s there working out and watching movies. Just doing things that, given his history, I wouldn’t expect someone with his expertise to have that kind of devotion.”

“And the guys in the locker room — all the players — they genuinely like him,” the owner added of Mac Jones. “… I think he has a little more edge than we’ve seen thus far. However, as a rookie, he has been courteous. As a result, I have a strong opinion of him. I believe the staff did an excellent job in picking him. And we’re fortunate to have him for our future, and this is a wise decision.”

Jones led the Patriots to a 10-7 record in 2021, earning a Pro Bowl berth in his first season. The Bama graduate threw for 3,801 yards and 22 touchdowns against 13 interceptions while completing 68 per cent of his attempts.


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