The unit team was composed of Germany’s women, India’s men, and Columbia’s mixed players. This team won the first gold medal in the 2022 Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit. Turkey’s Antalya in the morning period saw the legendary Sara Lopez give himself a special gift one day before her birthday. She got a medal with her husband, Daniel Munoz, and together with the mixed unit team, got a gold medal.

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The Colombian couple ultimately victories over the Slovenian duo of Toja Ellison and Aljaz Matija Brenk, 157-156. After winning, Lopez said We both had fun, but it was aggravating because it was very intimate until the climax. She also said that we want to show our last level best to achieve the medals. And we both give our best. She also said she was happy that the medals went to Columbia. 

The grade of personality indicated in the game – which comprised a ‘rematch’ of the women’s combination particular World Cup Final – existed for all to glimpse in the specially-constructed archery auditorium, following Konyaalti coast and for those following around the world. 

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Just two points were lowered in the first 24-pointers as the squads took off into the stop dead square, 119-119. But the strength started up to exhibit in the fourth with both Lopez and Munoz slamming 9s with their ultimate two arrows, but with Slovenia reporting an 8 and 9, it was enough for the South American combo. 

Lopez said that’s remarkable as the final year didn’t commence as scheduled, and this year looks varied.”  I realize where I expect to be, both achievement and technique-wise. It provides us great confidence for the remainder of the World Cups.”


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