What happened between William Byron and Joey Logano caused Byron to say a lot to Logano

There was such a dispute between William Byron and Joey Logano, which is currently in the news all over the place. Logano tried to take the lead on the final restart with 25 laps out of 293, going just behind Byron and Tyler Reddick.

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Then when Turn 2 came, Byron and Logano fought each other, then Logano realized that Byron crowded the track to complete a pass for the lead. When Logano felt that he had a chance to take the lead in turn 3, he thought he should take advantage of this opportunity, and he tried to take the lead, and he was successful in it.

What happened between William Byron and Joey Logano caused Byron to say a lot to Logano

When Logano took the lead, he thought he’d get everyone out of the way, and he then hit him with the rear bumper of his car, sending him on the track and Logano in the lead. Byrne stopped laps in the final while Logano pulled off a 40-race winless streak. He drove there at 10 mph.


  1. Logano is such a egotistical bitch and hope other drivers go after him bump him and send him up the track and would live to see all Hendrick drivers go after him.

    • Yaw are such idiots. He ran his ass down. What do u expect after getting crowded on the restart and hit the wall. You would of hated everybody back in the day because Earnhardt Jeff Gordon drove way more aggressive then joey does.

      • Touche, Joey didn’t do a damn thing wrong in that race! Byron has a lot of nerve to run him into the wall on a restart and then say Joey drove it into the corner to hard when he knows that isn’t what happened. I hope Joey does this more bc he’s constantly accused of driving like that and never does.

  2. Wish he would of fallen off car for he thinks he is so great and is just a punk and hope next run he is run up track and into wall

  3. Why does everybody gripe about joey when Jeff gordon won half of his races doing the exact same thing but everybody thought it was ok for jeffy to do that.

  4. Why didn’t Joey go on the inside and crowd him?nstead he took the easy way out.He just knocked him out of the way.Joey had the fastest car at the end.


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