Let's find the reasons behind the divorce between Charissa Thompson and sports agent Kyle

News of the Marriage between Charissa Thompson and sports agent Kyle Thousand spread worldwide. Both were married in a small family function at the end of 2021. But this marriage life did not continue for more than 1 year. According to a report, Thompson filed for divorce approximately one year after her wedding to the well-known sports agent. The main reason behind this divorce was irreconcilable differences.

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Thompson, who covers the NFL for FOX, hosts a podcast with Erin Andrews. He is also the owner of his own design company. He had before talked about his marriage with her. She thinks that she has to change her surname. They believe that when their new child comes into the world, they must face the problem. 

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So, I have to change my surname. This is not a wrong decision. She said we have to make sure that our children don’t have to face the problem after coming into the world. Thomson said that when someone marries a second time, then a second time is always better than the first time. The retired FOX NFL host was also recently in a relationship with Jay Williams.


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