LeBron James Declares Season Ending: Fans' Reactions

In a dramatic turn of events, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has announced that he will most likely miss the rest of the 2021-22 season. “I’m officially out for the season,” LeBron wrote, adding a facepalm emoticon. “I’ll see you all in the fall.” There has been a lot of reaction to it, as with most of LeBron’s tweets.

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The fans quickly realized it was an April Fool’s joke from the Lakers’ director. Many people were taken aback by the joke and thought they’d never get rid of the guy so quickly. Others are upset about it, especially given the Lakers’ current situation.

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers have plenty of reasons to be upset with LeBron James right now. If their season ended today, they’d be 31-45 and on an eight-game losing streak, and they’d be out of the playoffs. The Lakers have gone from being preseason NBA championship contenders to being fortunate enough to be in the Play-In Round.

LeBron can make whatever jokes he wants about the situation, but for some, it’s not a laughing matter. If he fails to lead the Lakers to a stunning finish in the final few games, he will watch the games from home. In the end, his April Fool’s joke will become a reality.


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