Larry Bird reacts after hearing the NBA trophy announcement

In extension to many trophy redesigns and names declared by the NBA on Thursday, the league presented two awards. Eastern and Western Conference Finals MVP trophies will be awarded to the top performers in each series that day.

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The Eastern Conference Trophy has been named after former legend Larry Bird, who played for the Boston Celtics, and the Western Conference Trophy is named after the legendary Magic Johnson. He played for the Los Angeles Lakers team.

Nation Basketball’s current deputy commissioner and chief operating officer Mark Tatum was spoken to on Thursday by Bird on the call. As soon as Bird learned about this news, his face lit up with happiness.

Larry Bird reacts after hearing the NBA trophy announcement

However, during the phone call, Magic’s laugh was heard from the phone speaker. Bird jokingly told him that “all he wants now is that he can win a Magic Johnson Trophy; this will be the best moment in my career”.

Nearly four thousand people have liked a tweet by NBA History on Twitter on May 12. A fan wrote in the comment. They are not even going to lie. Bird is going to pull off being toothless exceptionally well.

Another user wrote Larry Legend and Magic! What an honor for two of the greatest players! For many years both Bird and Magic Johnson played in the biggest competition of the Celtics versus the Lakers.


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