Keyontae Johnson Makes Decision On His Basketball Future

After identifying the arch-opponent head coach, Mike White became the head coach in Georgia. The Florida Gators basketball team will now have to negotiate with losing star guard Keyontae Johnson. According to 247 sports, Johnson has joined the NCAA transfer portal. Johnson rarely played after a dangerous collapse on the court in December 2020. He was also formerly implicated in se*ual incursion. 

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Johnson has averaged 11 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 1.4 assists. Therefore these reasons for his career have stopped at a decent stage in the last 2 years. He emerged as an honorary captain for the Gators from this previous season in only one game. The divergence of Mike white may be encouraging Johnson to leave before the fifth season. Finally, his return to court is a big comeback, whatever the case is. 

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After being collapsed to Keyontae Johnson against Florida states Seminoles in 2020, he was taken into the hospital and placed into the coma medical room. After some weeks, he came to his feet, but he was present in a team as a player. He is being treated as an outsider player on the team because of his injury. Johnson was formerly impeached for the sexual incursion.

Johnson was bought as a coach for only the 2020-21 season by Mike white. But Johnson didn’t play against Kentucky in 2020-2021 until their senior day. Johnson must think that he should start his game as a player.


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