Kelly Stafford controversial addressing Super Bowl Celebration Incident

Kelly, a digital photographer who was photographing the Super Bowl ceremony in Los Angeles, dropped from a stage and damaged her spine. Matthew Stafford’s reaction quickly went viral.

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Stafford strolled right by Smiley when she fell. This led to many questions about why he did not help her.

Kelly Stafford’s wife showed up on WFAN’s Carton & Roberts Wednesday to discuss the Rams’ previous period.

Kelly spoke out concerning the occurrence while Kelly got on the air. We did not know anything concerning that until it was far too late. Matthew would undoubtedly like to have that reaction back. Yet he did attempt to assist.

Stafford stated via Audacy that if anybody heard or saw him that day, it was most likely that he had not been in a great frame of mind to take any action and might have made the scenario worse.

It wasn’t the very best reaction, but he asked me to message Rams to make sure she was right. The next day was when we attempted to discover a service.

Some doubtful tweets emerged after the occurrence ended up being viral. Stafford additionally talked about this part of the story.

Part of me feels that her entire life was included in the washer. I feel awful for her, and it harms everyone included. However, I will undoubtedly be truthful and state that I felt the need to reach out to you and ask forgiveness.

I hope you’re not the same individual now as you were 10 years ago. If you are, I hope this assists you. Everyone makes mistakes. I wanted to reveal concern.


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