Jerry Jones in hospital

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboy, was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday evening due to a minor car accident Jerry Jones, age 79, had an accident at around 8:00 pm in the neighboring city of Dallas. He was then admitted to Parkland Hospital for treatment.

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Jones was sitting comfortably at home till late Wednesday Jones’s son is Stephen Jones, the Cowboys’ executive vice president. Stephen told the newsmen that “he is completely good now.”

Jerry Jones in hospital

It is not yet fully ascertained whether anyone other than Jones has been involved in the accident. If Jones was driving the car by himself, then any other car crash after the incident would be Yes or No.

High-ranking Police CPL in NBC News Melina Gutierrez said that it is not our rule to give the name of anyone present in the car accident until someone dies.

According to The Spun, a sports site, Jones hosted a party in Texas Fresco at the end of last week to stimulate the team’s testing. However, nine prospects were appointed by their team in the NFL Draft.


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