Is DTM risky in NASCAR Pitstop?

DTM is a large organization of grand touring cars.DTM denotes Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. DMSB-FIA was founded in 1984. The series is established in Germany, with rounds elsewhere in Europe. 

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The procession presently races a modern version of Group GT3 grand touring cars. From 2000 to 2020, the new DTM started again with the former Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft(GTC), and ITC.which was terminated after 1996 fair to high cost.

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GTC indicates the German touring car championship, and ITC indicates the International touring car championship. The series is critical for the pitstop, how your superior works, and how he performs. In previous years in the game, the AF Corse crew in the pits did an excellent job. Now new technology has come into the data, due to which the wheels of the car are healed immediately, and almost everyone is now using this technique. 

New technology may use a wheel gun, changing the car’s wheel immediately. By loosening the knob of the front wheel immediately with the wheel gun, without weighing the other worker, he immediately goes back and changes the rear wheel. 

But BMW, Lamborghini, and Audi cannot use this technology yet because all these cars may not have a locking ring. After that, DTM banned the use of new technology.


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