Honeycomb challenge of Squid Game is going viral on the internet - try this way for your short video

Nowadays, you must have seen the honeycomb challenge on the internet. Thousands of tik tok videos and youtube shorts are being created every day on this topic which is being viral and gaining millions of views and likes from the users.

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After watching these types of short videos, you may be wondering and have a query about what this challenge is and how you can complete it for your tik tok or Youtube Shorts. So, continue with us till the last in this article and get answers to all your questions. 

What is Honeycomb Challenge?

In 2021, Netflix released a Korean series named “Squid Game.” The craze of this series was insane, and it broke many records in the Netflix Web series. In just 1 few days of its release, Squid Game became the highest streaming show in more than 90 countries.

I hope you all have must watch this show or hear from your friends. If you haven’t viewed it yet, dude, you are missing one of the most thrilling web series ever. We recommend you must watch this web series once.

In this web series, you will watch numerous people come together to play a challenge and win millions of dollars by just completing game challenges. All players have to meet some obstacles; otherwise, they get eliminated or dead. All the players try hard to achieve these challenges and save their lives.

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Likewise, Honeycomb Challenge is one of the most demanding challenges players face. In this, every player gets a sugar cake with the print of some shapes with one needle. Every player has to cut out these shapes without breaking them.

How to Complete Honeycomb challenge at Home?

To complete the Honeycomb challenge at Home, you first have to take two spoons of sugar and heat them in the pan. Later, when it starts freezing, make a shape you want to make on it. Keep it to dry for a few minutes, and now your honeycomb is being prepared.

Latter, start recording and make a tik tok or shorts video for yourself as per your interest. This challenge is also known as Dalgona Challenge.



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