Gibson earns past, Schloesser undefeatable in Antalya

Ella Gibson from Britain and  Mike Schlosser from Netherland won the mixup individual gold medal in the initial phase of the Hyundai archery universe trophy in Antalya of, Turkey in 2022. His podium Topping performance in October for the final of the world trophy with the help of Tlaxcala showed his natural ability there. 

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Gibson is made the one who arrived near the world cup trophy in the last ten years for Britain and won the first gold medal for his strategy in the last twelve years. And he defeated Alejandra in the 2013 world award. This win was the first win on stage. The twenty-one-year-old youth said that I was shocked to see that, if I am honest, I can’t believe this, and this is not my desire this year. 

And I think if this happens so well and it didn’t happen, it’s also good. And after one phase, I lost all my hope, and he thought if I qualified, I gained all the achievements from all the phases to leave one, but I am happy to date it’s happened to me. Lisel jatma Antalya, in her third rank, struggled to defeat the chain yi human at the starting of this week for her mixed woman team medal and did secanyansy medal for 2022 of Antalya. 

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These two Bronze medals are essential for me, so I came with this medal here, and I know that everybody is happy with my performance, my mom is here so that I can do it, but my father is not here, so don’t wait for your father’s content. World cup champion and world best player Schloesaer defeats Adrian Goiters in mixed man final trophy. 

And didn’t show any excuse to anyone from last year. He won the first prize in all the phases of archery. And he got remembered by all the defenders to his awareness. To start with, a good strategy is essential. And I am making a great effort, so I hope to get a better result. My performance today is better than the other day’s performance, and I am happy. 

I always want to win the reward, so it’s more satisfying to grab them in the first step. This is Gontier, and kaisya medal defender zin Philip’s son’s bold attachment has not come for satisfaction. Which was also defeated by Schloessers, and defeated frontier also accepted, this is a God effect to taking the hand between mister perfect. 

You also know that you have to do nearly 150  hits against mike. I want to pray; Gontier told me about his final defeats, defects are disappointing things, which makes me courageous, and I have a Rajat medal. And the program will continue; tomorrow will group and finish with a recovery medal. So you can see a different aspect.


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