For what reason did the Association fine Phoenix Suns $25,000

Today you will read how Booker returned from injury and why the Suns were fined $25,000.Devin Booker’s arrival from an injury didn’t do much good for the Suns, as his return resulted in a $25,000 fine for the Suns. 

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But the NBA isn’t too happy to share how Booker recovered so quickly. Booker suffered a hamstring pull in the second match when the Suns series had just started. Booker’s hamstrings were not good for the team and him as he is a young player, and because of that, his career was also in danger. 

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Everyone said that now Booker would not be able to play this entire series, but it proved to be a challenge for Booker, and he came back in just a game 6. The Suns defeated Game 6 as Booker returned and won the series 115/109. The NBA, meanwhile, isn’t delighted with the Suns for their lack of clearness in observing Booker’s injury.

The Association has fined the Suns $25,000 for infringing injury reporting laws. We don’t feel that the sun is taking this matter seriously. Phoenix has focused their attention on the first game of the second round; they are not thinking of a penalty. The Phoenix Suns’ first match is on Monday with the Dallas Mavericks.


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