Fans React to Xavien Howard Signing a Recording Contract

Despite the fact that Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard was already under contract with the team until 2024, Howard agreed to an extension on Friday evening, according to reports.

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Howard’s first contract was a five-year, $75.25 million deal worth a total of $75.25 million. Because there were only three years left on the original agreement, Howard agreed to a two-year extension that will include more than $50 million in new funds.

According to financial projections, Howard is expected to earn approximately $90 million over the next five years. In addition, Howard may be eligible for up to $5 million in incentives.

The fact that Miami signed Howard at the start of the offseason is well-liked by the vast majority of NFL fans. One NFL player wrote on Twitter, “They’re putting everything on the line.” It’s game time.I have a lot of hopes for this group of players.

Let’s get this party going!!!! “We’re doing everything we can to keep our stars happy in Miami,” a Dolphins fan tweeted.

In the past, some fans have thought that Howard’s new deal could have an effect on the market for cornerbacks.

“This is major news that will have a direct impact on the Browns and Denzel Ward’s extension,” writes Noah Weiskopf of Dawg Pound Daily. Howard has made a total of 101 tackles since joining the team in 2012, as well as 36 pass breakups and 15 interceptions. Howard, 28, will try to make another Pro Bowl as a free agent this fall.



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