ESPN has made a decision about the future of long-time employee Sam Ponder

ESPN has signed Sam Ponder to a three-year deal at a seven-figure sum. According to estimates, ponder is likely to earn a total of more than $3 million in the next three years.

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It has been announced that the 36-year-old will continue to host ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown and will give extra coverage of this year’s NFL Draft.

“NEWSLETTER+: ESPN has re-signed Sam Ponder for NFL Countdown in a seven-figure deal, according to The Washington Post,” Andrew Marchand writes on Twitter.

This is tremendously important news for the sports media. Sam Ponder is outstanding, and ESPN’s NFL Countdown on Sunday is one of the best shows on the network.

Before the NFL Draft in 2022, Ponder may also see an increase in the amount of responsibility he has. She made recent comments regarding Liberty player Malik Willis, who might wind up becoming the first quarterback to be booted off the team’s roster next month, making the rounds on social media, particularly Twitter.

“One thing is for certain after spending the previous two hours with Malik.” Consider the tweets. “His NFL teammates and fans are going to adore him.”

ESPN is rerunning the segment, and they’re doing so with Sam Ponder as the announcer. Additionally, the squad will debut a completely different roster on Tuesday Night Football.

According to Worldwide Leader, leaders on a global scale, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were snatched from FOX. They’ll be concentrating their efforts on Tuesday Night Football. That broadcast booth is the greatest ESPN has ever had in terms of quality.

In the meanwhile, Ponder will continue to appear on Sunday’s NFL Countdown as a guest host and analyst. She has signed a three-year contract with ESPN that will keep her working for the network.


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