Erin Andrews Reacts to the Fight Between Will Smith and Chris Rock

After witnessing the epic Will Smith vs. Chris Rock fight on Sunday night’s Academy Awards show, Erin Andrews, a long-time NFL sideline reporter and former Dancing With The Stars host, has shared her thoughts on the incident.

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Erin, you’ve made an excellent point with your comment. Andrews kept things as straightforward as possible. “E! is currently hosting SportsCenter,” Erin Andrews tweeted. Smith hit Rock after making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s wife, and it was there for those who didn’t see it. Even though some speculated that it was staged, it appeared to be very real.

In addition to Herbstreit, who has been a college football analyst for ESPN for many years, several other people have contributed to the madness.

“Did it feel authentic to be there in person?” Was it Will Smith who smacked Chris Rock across the jawline? Is it possible that it was all a game? Will Smith appeared to be convinced that it was true. “Damn,” wrote the long-time ESPN college football analyst in a Twitter message. Kirk, it was a very real experience. Serena Williams’s reaction to all of this has also gone viral on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


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