Due to the wrong action of Draymond Green, he could be away from the game

Today we will know how Green can be out of the game because of his dirty act. Draymond Green is an American basketball player who plays for the Golden State Warriors. When Green was playing a game for his Team Warriors and the last minute of the second half of the game was going on, his opponent was about to score a goal when Green grabbed his t-shirt and dropped it on the floor.

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Which is against the law of sportsmanship. He then suffered a Flagrant 2 foul. After all, when the game was over, the National Board Association released its report on this act of Green and said that it is a crime to do so according to the spirit of the game. 

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The reporter then asked the National Board Association some questions, so the first question was why Green’s refusal was evaluated as an evident two foul? The NBA then responded by stating that the touch was considered illegal and unfair, directing to A significant nasty punishment of two and removal. 

The second question was, what did you see that made the call flagrant two instead of flagrant? The NBA said that Green first touched the player’s face and then pulled his shirt down and brought him down. After that, he had to drop it down to the wrong ground, and for this reason, it became the purpose of the significant foul penalty.



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