Doug Sutherland, a Former Viking Defensive Lineman, passed

The NFL world was shocked last Tuesday. The reason for shock was the passing away of Doug Sutherland. Doug Sutherland, a member of the team’s famed “PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS,” made 90 starts and played three super bowls in his entire career. At 73, he took his last breath—Sutherland, who was a driving force in the middle of the Vaunted Minnesota Viking Defense.

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He was selected in the 14th round of the 1970s draft by the New Orleans Saints. Doug played for the Saints as a middle linebacker and guard in his rookie season. He then traded to the Vikings in 1971.

Doug Sutherland, a Former Viking Defensive Lineman, passed

Zygi and Mark Wolf, who are owners of the Viking, released a heartfelt message in the passing of Doug Sutherland. They said, ” Doug Sutherland was one of our Proudest Players.”
He further said that “His humble nature did not allow him to talk much about his playing career, but Doug [Sutherland] was a key member of some of the best defenses in NFL history and three bowl teams.”

He could not talk much about his playing career because of his humble nature, but Doug was, in fact, a vital member of the best defense in NFL history after Football; Doug was also the Consummate teammate of Volleyball.

He did not miss a chance to help at a community event. Doug Sutherland, in his life, played 12 NFL seasons. He started with 96 starts in 164 games he played. His legacy was largest in Minnesota, no doubt. He has 90 openings described above and 138 games produced with 484 tackles and per team 26.5 Sacks.

He started playing 90 out of 138 regular-season games. Behind John Randle, Kevin Williams, and Page, he has the fourth-highest number of appearances by a Defensive tackle Franchise.


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