Dolphins Cornerback's hilariously Tweet about Tyreek Hill going viral

The Miami Dolphins needed to do a lot of cap handling to bring Tyreek Hillside into the league with a new agreement. In response, one Dolphins cornerback who “contributed” had a pretty funny tweet.

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Requiring Twitter on Friday, Dolphins cornerback Byron Jones “grumbled” concerning reorganizing his contract to bring Hill into the league. He didn’t seem to like the concept of Hill shedding him in practice daily.

” Me reorganizing my contract just to have Tyreek Hill burn me daily in practice,” Jones created, adding a set of clown emojis.

Jones’s tweet has gone viral with over 28,000 likes and 3,000 retweets in simply over an hour. Hill himself weighed in, responding to Jones with an “unamused” emoji.

Several of the other talks about Byron Jones’ tweets are pretty amusing too:
“Love tweets such as this,” NFL expert Ross Tucker composed.

“Elite tweet hahaha Our DBs are already so great yet they’re gon na be much better on game day thanks to this,” created a fan.

“And also with that said Byron ended up being a follower favorite. Cap space as well as a succinct tweet. Touche,” another composer.

The Dolphins have a lineup that’s gone 19-14 over 2 periods; however, they directly missed the playoffs two times.

Since Tyreek Hillside and his considerable individuality remain in South Coastline, experimenting with the Miami Dolphins will be extremely interesting in the 2022 NFL period.


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