Deshaun Watson's Punishment Will Not Be Decided By Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke with the media on Tuesday afternoon about a variety of topics. During his media appearance, Goodell was asked about Deshaun Watson and the possibility of a penalty for the AFC North’s newest quarterback. He stated that “no schedule” for a decision has been set.

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After being sued by 22 women for alleged sexual misconduct, the Cleveland Browns quarterback is still facing a legal case. Despite the serious charges, Goodell said Watson will not be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list.

Deshaun Watson's Punishment Will Not Be Decided By Roger Goodell

In fact, Goodell will not be imposing any punishment on Watson. According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, the judgement will be made by an unbiased arbitrator. NFL source Ian Rapoport broke the story on Watson’s likely suspension earlier this week.

“It’s absolutely important to make sure you have all the information before you weigh in,” Rapoport told McAfee. “Right now, everyone wants to know how long he’ll be suspended.” Will there be four games, six games, eight games, or none at all? That about sums up the possibilities.” Suspension appears to be a possibility. However, everything is conceivable until the sentence is declared.


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