Deshaun Watson's NFL contract could affect Joe Burrow

Recently, a statement has been issued by the executive of Bengals regarding Deshaun Watson, after knowing that people now want to understand it better. This is being discussed all over social media today, so stay tuned to this news article. So that you will get complete information about it, what is this whole thing?

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Recently, Deshaun Watson has signed a five-year contract with the Cleveland Browns. Deshaun Watson will be given a total guaranteed amount of $ 230 million. A statement was issued about this when Katie Blackburn was asked whether it was Deshaun Watson’s. Does the contract have the ability to do Joe Burrow or not?

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For your information, let us tell you that Katie Blackburn, while reacting to this, said that the performance of any player matters and in her view, any guarantee amount or contract does not have any particular importance for any player. And at the same time, Katie Blackburn also revealed that Deshaun Watson would make little impact on the contract for Joe Burrow.

Because, in the quarterback after 2022, Joe Burrow is being considered eligible and giving information about this, Katie Blackburn said that Joe Burrow is an outstanding player who is capable of scoring good points, it does not make him any special. Won’t have an effect.



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