Deshaun Watson has only one possible punishment, according to Roger Goodell

During the upcoming season, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will not use the Commissioner Exempt List to discipline Deshaun Watson. Goodell indicated on Tuesday that Watson will not be on the list since two juries opted not to charge him criminally. Watson, who was recently signed by the Cleveland Browns as their quarterback, is still facing a suspension under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

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According to NBC’s ProFootballTalk, “the legal disputes in the civil court were litigated in the past one year.” “The only thing that has changed is that the criminal element has been resolved, which was a critical feature of the Commissioner Exempt List as agreed with the Players Association.” As a result, it was a significant (decision concerning the Commissioner Exempt List).

“If that offense had resulted in a conviction, the Commissioner would have been exempt.” At this time, I don’t believe the civil case will be enough to set things in motion. When the Personal Conduct Policy is broken, it may result in something, but it is more likely to result in underlying discipline in the form of.”

While Watson is not facing criminal charges, he is facing 22 civil cases alleging sexual assault and wrongdoing. According to the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy, the claims are likely to result in a sanction.

“Because the Personal Conduct Policy is so important to us, we will enforce it.” Goodell stated, “A transgression that violates the Personal Conduct Policy does not require a criminal conviction to be considered a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy.” “As a result, they’re aware that it’s something we’ll look into.” We’ll make sure we get to the bottom of the problem and that it’s related to our Personal Conduct Policy. This is where we are at the moment. If we get there, a decision will be made about whether or not it is appropriate to discipline, and if so, what should that discipline be.” Because the NFL conducts its own inquiry, this is the case. According to Goodell, no decision on Watson’s fate will be made in 2022.

“Our team is looking at it,” he continued. “Clearly, these are severe charges. This is something we’re taking very seriously. Although we’ve reached a nadir in terms of the criminal component of the situation, civil suits are still being explored. Our investigators will have access to additional information that will help them come to a conclusion about the facts and whether or not there was an infraction or violation of the Personal Conduct Policy, but the final decision will be made by a joint discipline officer appointed by the NFLPA and the NFL… There isn’t a set timeframe for that.”

Throughout the season, the Texans have kept Watson out of all of their games. Watson, who is 26 years old, was traded to Cleveland on March 18th and signed a record-breaking contract with the Browns.

Watson will earn just $1 million in basic salary this season as part of his guaranteed $230 million contract. This reduces the financial impact of any suspension during the rookie quarterback’s first year on the job.


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