NFL World Reacts to Jarvis Landry's Request for a Huge Contract

Deion Sanders will not be afraid to defend his teammates on the Jackson State football team or other players who attend historically black colleges and universities.

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This week, the former NFL player who is now the head coach of a Division I college football program chastised the teams that did not attend his school’s pro day.

“There are [22] teams. Twenty. [Two]. Teams. However, there are 32 teams to choose from in the Crayola box. On social media, Sanders expressed gratitude for the support he had received. “We were able to see our children yesterday in all their glory, and I am grateful for your support,” Sanders said.

“As a result, there are the Dolphins, the Broncos, the Texans, the Bills, the Buccaneers, the Ravens, the Panthers, the Browns, the Vikings, and, of course,,, the Eagles,” says the analyst. “Can you tell me where you are?” Coach Prime was the one who inquired. It was possible that you could have sent someone and that you could have shown up a little bit more.” NFL fans appreciate the fact that the situation is being told honestly.

“Prime is that fly you’ve been waiting to get your hands on, maybe in 2022.” What’s more, there is more. I’m not even mad at him for calling the Broncos after failing to show up for Pro Day in Denver. As one fan put it, “He’s not going to be punished because he’s Prime and the only player who can do so.”

“I singled out every team individually. “You’ve got to love Prime,” said another fan.

“Prime was correct in that those students put in the same effort as students at larger schools. It is frequently more difficult. And they cannot even send one Scout?” another
supporter has been added. Since Sanders’ arrival at Jackson State, it is hoped that more attention will be paid to the players from historically black colleges and universities in the future.


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