Deion Sanders Opens Up About His Current Health Status
FILE - Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders watches on the sideline during the first half of the Cricket Celebration Bowl NCAA college football game against South Carolina State on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021, in Atlanta. Deion Sanders had two toes on his left foot amputated due to blood clots stemming from a previous surgery. The Jackson State head coach and NFL Hall of Famer revealed the severity of his foot injury in an upcoming episode of his “Coach Prime” documentary series that will air Tuesday night, March 8, 2022, on Barstool Sports.(AP Photo/Hakim Wright Sr., File)

Deion Sanders shared further details regarding his recovery following surgery to remove two toes from his right foot due to the growth of blood clots in the foot.

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Two Pro Football Hall members advised Eisen of Famers and the head coach of Jackson State that he is “not high-stepping yet.” But he is making gradual progress and has resumed cardio activities after being subjected to significant weight changes throughout his recovery.

According to Sanders, “I’m progressing slowly but steadily, and I’m moving quickly.” “I am, in fact, sincere. Because I’ve shed almost forty pounds, I’ve returned to using the elliptical machine, Rich. During my stay in the hospital, I dropped around 40 pounds. Other than apple sauce, I was not eating anything else. It was a 40-pound weight drop, but I gained 50 pounds back in the process. Now that I can’t fit into my suit, I’m going to have to slim down.”

In October, Sanders returned to the field after undergoing surgery in September, helping the Tigers to an 11-2 record and the Southwestern Athletic Conference championship. Because he didn’t want to “play the plum card, poor little old me,” Sanders, the Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year award recipient, kept his health worries a secret.

Deion Sanders Opens Up About His Current Health Status

“My children informed me that it seemed like a shark had bitten into my legs on the opposite side of the room. Honestly, I don’t see myself donning shorts anytime soon… I’m not lying to you about this. I, on the other hand, am a lot more at ease. There was a lot going on during the previous season. That’s the most significant secret I’m confident we’ve ever hidden from each other.”

Sanders talked about his experiences in his “Coach Prime” television series, produced by SMAC Entertainment and Barstool Sports and shown on ESPN. Sanders seemed upbeat despite the tremendous hurdles he was facing, and he expressed a desire to see Jackson State’s ascent to being a significant football power progress further.



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