COVID-19 continues to rise in positivity, reaching 7.25 percent on Saturday

According to the Ministry of Health, the positive COVID-19 rate in Puerto Rico increased to 7.25 percent today, Saturday, for the seventh day in a row.

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This number indicates that the degree of transmission is red (large). Furthermore, the figure is higher than the World Health Organization’s suggested 5%. (Who is the). According to data from the vital health portal, an amount comparable to the one published in this manner has not been published since the 16th of February, when the figure was 7.38 percent.

The number of patients in the COVID-19 hospital has now risen to 42. They are divided into four adults and 38 children, according to Saloud’s tweet. “Vaccination against COVID-19 continues to be the safest way to reduce the risk of serious illness,” the agency urged.

COVID-19 continues to rise in positivity, reaching 7.25 percent on Saturday

The agency did not include any disease-related deaths in the report released today, bringing 4,170. President of the College of Surgeons, Dr. Victor Ramos Otero, hoped that the scientific alliance would issue new guidelines soon to prevent the number of HIV cases from rising further.

“You must remain vigilant. “The Scientific Alliance will make suggestions soon,” the pediatrician said. “When we’re not looking for stricter public health measures, we need to be cautious,” he said, emphasizing the importance of vaccination in protecting against this virus.

Iris Cardona Warne, the Department of Health’s medical officer, recently stated that the agency had identified an increase in positive cases due to the BA.2 sub-strain of the omicron variable. This has resulted in the highest number of injuries on the island in January.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (CDC in English) announced that the variant in question is now the most common type of SARS-CoV-2 in the United States. While the medical community has been unable to determine the impact of this alternative, it has been demonstrated that it has a high infection rate.

In contrast to other screws, Ramos emphasized that the increase in virus transmission affects people between 19 and 0. Although severe symptoms are less likely to affect young adults and children, they can affect the most vulnerable ones.

According to the doctor, cases were on the rise last year, and there was a “surge” of infections following Easter. Currently, Ramos has urged residents to wear masks both indoors and outdoors in crowded areas. He also emphasized the importance of physical separation as well as hand washing.


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