Chicago franchise producers are going for Dying

Nothing is as same as the windy city crossover. The characters of NBC’s hit One Chicago franchise are no non-natives popping up on each other’s shows. Before all three series premiere on 6 April, the stars and administrative creators from Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D. are spreading their ambition for crossover occasions and dipping into the upcoming episodes.

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Chicago Fire executive producer Andrea Newman says the crossovers are fun. She confessed during the One Chicago press day. She also said, “This year, the COVID thing has complicated them because of all the procedures, so I think that hurt us a handful this year. 

Chicago franchise producers are going for Dying

That doesn’t imply that they don’t have something crucial in mind. Newman said that he had been succumbing to going to the burning hospital for a long time. There are all these procedures for when a hospital is on fire and things to happen. We’ve been craving to do that one and loop P.D., but we haven’t had an opportunity this year.”

Fire producer Derek Haas said, “For some explanation, the Chicago Med showrunners don’t like it when we suggest burning down the Chicago Med hospital.



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