Chicago Fire: That's why he didn't move with Casey, says Kara Killmer

Kara Killmer, a “Chicago Fire” celebrity, has revealed to fans why Sylvie Brett (Jesse Spencer) chose to stay in Chicago rather than stagnate in Rose City, Oregon. Followers are familiar with the issue because “Chicago Fire,” based on intense first responder situations, is as comfortable as the interpersonal relationships between Firefighters, paramedics, and other Windy City residents.

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The method worked. The NBC series is currently in its tenth season and renewed for an eleventh. It spawned numerous spin-offs, including “Chicago P.D.,” “Chicago Justice,” and “Chicago Med.” Several of these sister shows have been hugely successful. “Chicago P.D.” was approved until the end of Period 9. According to Deadline, “Chicago Medication” will be canceled after Season 8.

Brett and Casey quickly became a fan favorite in the series. However, it was tested rapidly when Casey revealed that he needed to relocate to Portland to care for Andy Darden’s (Corey Sorenson’s) children. Many people assumed Brett would jump with Casey. However, they chose to try a long-distance romance, which comes with its dramatization. Killmer has revealed why Brett stayed.

Chicago Fire: That's why he didn't move with Casey, says Kara Killmer

Killmer declares that Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) is Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer). At a “One Chicago” franchise business event, Killmer was asked why Brett didn’t move to Portland with Casey. Killmer stated it on YouTube. Killmer also recalled a Season 8 scene in which both characters stayed together.

Brett describes how Firehouse 51 differs from other firehouses in its operations. Brett informs Casey that “one of the first things you’ll learn at the academy [is] to get the patient as quickly as possible to the medical facility, and then you don’t look back.” When I was 51 years old, I noticed that no one in the health center followed this rule.

Everyone stops working to comply with the policies regarding leaving a job. They accept their deal and go above and beyond for their victims. Brett learned from Casey what it’s like to be a good person and care for others. It has an impact on them.

Brett can’t leave Casey behind, and it’s a difficult decision. It reminds the positive nature of “Chicago Fire,” the couple’s collaboration that their separation is due to how Brett and Casey see their responsibilities. They aspire to be the same people they adore in one another.


  1. Keep in touch whats going on with chicago fire with casey ,dawson, siveride,kidd snd sylvia .wish the storyline was different gor casey and dawson as they really had alot of history and in love.if her and casey didnt have words and sylvia, dawson never would have left.
    Casey could have gone after his wife. The show is not the same wilthout them.please do mot change the script on Kelly and stella.let them have the wedding..also if they had a baby girl how come there no more about her.

  2. What I hope is Stella and Severide marry. Severide getting injured and going to investigations. Stella going on to become captain. Casey coming back and riding up as chief and chief moving up. Severide often becoming the good sense in many situations ,giving good sense, not like his dad, advise. Other fire fighters in 51 becoming the new lts and sgts which could be Brett. But either Gabby and Casey reunite or Casey goes out side of 51 to date or marry but Brett does not work for me at all. I never ever date a man that my bestie had been involved with. To me that’s like incest. Sorry

    • I agree totally that would be a great story line Brett and Casey should have never …. not best friends why not Antonio !? But that’s to much like right would love to see Gabby and Casey reunite… would love to see more of Ritter…. I love the whole cast tho Chief Boden ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ that Man

  3. I know fans will frown on this, but if you ask me, I donโ€™t like
    Brett are Casey relationship. How many men is Brett going to date in this dramaโ€ฆ..good thing itโ€™s a drama.Casey is more romantic with Brett than Gabby; itโ€™s a shame they could treat Gabby like that.

  4. While I like Brett , sheโ€™s too needy .She goes from guy to guy finding fault with most everything or they find fault with her for sone reason .i really miss Dawson she wad the best .Very honest and a real go getter ! I love Stella Kidd, cannot wait to see her and Severide marry !

  5. I enjoy watching Chicago Fire on Wednesday nights at 9pm. I enjoy watching Chicago Fire on Tuesdays from 11am until 3am Wednesday morning. There have been several times when I was concerned that the show might be ending, but thankfully it hasn’t. There’s been two episodes that made me cry. I really hated to see the events of those two shows happen. When Gabby and Matt had to give Louie up to his biological dad, and when Ottis died. I also wish Gabby hadn’t been written out. Looking forward to Stella and Kelly getting married. Just hope the writers let them be happy instead of anything happening to one or both of them.
    My daughter got me hooked on this show.

  6. Omg I’m so in the same mindset I hate Brett and Casey together Casey needs to be with Dawson …how dare Brett who btw was Gabby best friend..but she sleeps with her best friend husband.. she’s made to look cheap..joe, the Dr, Antonio and whoever else would have her…she would get a beat down in real life ..some lines you never cross …is she (Brett) that thirsty .I hope Gabby shows up at the stellaride wedding and reclaim her man for ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š..this is my take ..hey fellow on the Dawson/Casey bandwagon..let’s write letters to Derrek Haas

  7. I love this show so much, Gabby got wrote out because she didn’t have time for her show and Chicago fire, she choose to leave Chicago fire, I agree miss Gabby so much with Casey but I like Brett with Casey! My favorite is Stella Kid and Kelly, I hope they get married and what a place to marry when we were on the edge of our seats to watch who drowned! Mouch and his cop wife (I forgot her name)is really good together! Get rid of that new paramedic lol to me she’s terrible at acting!


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