Bray Wyatt makes a major tease when he arrives in Dallas

After arriving in Dallas for Wrestlemania 38 weekend, Bray Wyatt sent a message to his fans. Bray Wyatt has not wrestled in a match since his release from WWE last year. Since then, fans have speculated about his pro-wrestling future.

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Wyatt recently made an Instagram post. Former WWE Superstar Wyatt announced that he had relocated to Dallas. He stated that he missed his fans and that he would respond to any questions within the hour.

With a big joke, Wyatt teased the end of his post. Former Universal Champion Wyatt advised his fans to keep one thing in mind when asking him questions: he despises spoiling surprises. With the last line, Wyatt could be hinting at his participation in the event. It’s also possible that Wyatt is encouraging fans not to ask for spoilers. This is just speculation, and his tease could be referring to anything.

Bray Wyatt was one of our generation’s most unique characters

Bray Wyatt’s WWE career was full of ups and downs. Wyatt Family’s leader, Wyatt Family, debuted on the main roster in 2013 and went after Kane. In WWE, he was a terrifying force. On his way to Wrestlemania 33, Wyatt won the WWE title in 2017. At The Show of Shows, he lost his coveted belt to Randy Orton.

Two years later, Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins to win his first Universal Championship. Wyatt was wearing The Fiend’s mask at the time, and his fans thought he had a promising future. At Super Showdown 2020, he lost the belt to WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg.


  1. WWE isn’t the same without The Fiend. I watches the show, both Raw and Smackdown but don’t have that energy as before. Bring the Fiend back and make him a force again and watch the show rise


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