Bowman Sees To Preserve Hendrick Supremacy At Monster Mile

Dover Del said that it was bright on Monday because it was rough. Bowman said that he had a great night with his team with a laugh. We got outstanding pictures, and he kept sunglasses on his eyes for a reason. He has got a tiny bit of history in the Monster Mile, finishing 1-2-3-4 one year ago. 

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Kyle Larson led a high 263 laps and got 2nd place. Chase Elliot was in third, and William Byron had sat in 4th place. Hendrick Motorsports won his 267 race, and he won 268 races in Nascar last Sunday. Hendrick joined Peter DePaolo Racing and Roush Fenway Racing as the competition squads to argue the prime four locations in a Cup Series contest. Bowman said that he is happy because he has the right to brag. 

After one year, Hendrick would not surprise anyone if he got the four places again. Starting 10 cup races with two wins has risen as a surprise. Bowman won the third match of the period in Los Vegas. Six topmost and got 10 finished. And won the top 4 winning games of his career in 2021. 

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These types of tries gave them a place in championship pictures. You always want more, but we control this in summer. He said we work well but only need to dig continuously. Bowman drives no. 4 Chevrolet,  the same number car that was won by Jimmie Johnson, the driver of Hendrick. After winning, he wanted to drive his truck on the Jimmy Johnson line. 

But the old playbook doesn’t work because Nascar moved this season to its next-gen and takes it the first time in the dower. Bowman said your notebook is out of the window; I wouldn’t have predicted that he did in Martinsville. He thinks crossing this is hard, but we have increased the field intensity. 

Not affected for years, Hendrick is a favorite of grammar because he wins in Dover regularly. Huge thanks to Johnson; Dover has 21 wins. Hall of Famer and current Hendric executive Jeff Gordon won the race five times at Monster Mile. Bowman said that he was riding his one-seekers. 

Lastly, he saw that he didn’t know how to break into the car. I was driving the car behind him, and he thought, everything can happen here, I can’t wait here, and he also felt that he hoped he would return to his place.



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