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Amma Movie 1986 – Friends, in today’s era many of you will still be big fans of 80s and 90s movies. The story and old memories of those films are still fresh among many people. If you are also fond of films of the 80s and 90s, then this article is going to be very unique for you. Today we will share with you a lot of information related to Mithun Chakraborty’s Amma Movie 1986 through this post. Hope you will be refreshed by reading this and you will also like it a lot.

As you all know, the Amma movie was released in 1986. This film was a huge hit at this time and it also earned a lot. Mithun Chakraborty’s performance in the film won everyone’s heart. At the same time, we all loved actress Rakhi who caught everyone’s attention. Amma Movie directed by Jiten Kumar was one of the most blockbuster movies of 1986. All the actors did their best and made us very happy.

What was the Amma Movie 1986 Story?

If you want to refresh your old memories and want any information related to Amma Movie 1986, then we have shared the story of this complete movie for you in this post in a queued manner. Along with the story of the movie, you will also learn here how to watch Ama Movie 1986 online and how to listen to those memorable songs from Ama Movie.

Who played whose character in Amma Movie 1986?

Proceeding in the story of the film, it is necessary for you to know who played whose role in the film. So that you do not face any inconvenience while moving forward in the story and you can understand the whole story of the film very well.

Mainly in Amma Movie 1986, Shanta’s character was played by Rakhi Gulzar. Simultaneously Praveen’s and Naveen’s character were played by Suresh Oberoi and Mithun Chakraborty.

amma movie 1986
amma movie 1986

After knowing about all the main cast of the film, now we go ahead and introduce you to the story of Amm Movie 1986.

Amma Movie 1986 Story

Amma movie 1986 begins with the life of a married couple. Both Shanta and Praveen were about to get married. Praveen and Naveen both live as brothers. And Naveen had the police behind him for several days. Police try to nab Naveen but they fail. The day when Shanta and Praveen are getting married, the police raid their house. However, the police do not get any hand in this raid and Naveen once again escapes. However, what is Naveen’s fault so far and why the police were looking for him like this, we come to know about it moving forward in the movie Amma.

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The story of Amma moves forward and Naveen meets Shantha in a bus. The police come to know about Naveen being in the bus and they attack the bus. Once again the police fail to nab Naveen and Naveen manages to escape by dodging the police.

At the same time in another scene of Ama Movie 1986. It is shown how one wins in Praveen Court. In this way he gets the property of his ancestors which now legally comes in his share. For a while the Ama movie proceeds like this.

That’s when Naveen meets Suraj, a family friend of his. It is through Suraj that Naveen gets to know that Shanta has given birth to a boy. This makes Naveen very happy. But a few days later, Naveen’s elder brother Praveen dies. Praveen is murdered by a relative of his, but all the blame goes to Naveen.

Proceeding like this in the Amma movie, it is shown how Naveen proves his innocence in front of everyone. And on the other hand, Shanta’s financial condition becomes very bad. He leaves the city with his child and father-in-law.

Then on the other hand the police was also searching for Naveen and finally Naveen gets arrested. Naveen is sentenced to death for falsely accused of killing his brother Praveen. And the condition of Shanta and her children, who jumped to the city, becomes very bad. That’s when Shanta meets Suraj, her childhood friend.

In the movie Ama, Sooraj tells Shantha to make pickles and sell them in the market so that he can run at home. Following Suraj’s advice, she starts selling pickles in the market. Gradually, this business of hers increases a lot and she also makes her own factory. With this, Shanta once again gets a lot of money.

But after a few days, Shanta’s father-in-law also dies. Moving forward in the movie Amma, it is also shown that within a few years, Shantha’s son and his daughter get married and his friend Suraj also dies. After a few days, Shanta suddenly disappears somewhere after dividing her property.

In the Ama movie, it is shown that everyone gets very upset as soon as Shanta disappears. All the people try to find him, it is also a debt but they do not get any success. But one day Shanta’s grandson Raju finds her at the railway station.

Apart from this, some emotional moments have been depicted in the Ama movie. Gradually, Shanta’s children realize their mistakes and they all apologize to Shanta. Similarly, the story of the film progresses and after a few days Shanta also dies.

After Shanta’s death, her granddaughter named Shobha gave birth to a girl. It seems to everyone that within that girl there is a form of Shanta and she is their reincarnation. The film ends by assuming that Amma Shantha has taken birth as Shobha’s child.

Amma Movie Songs

  1. Main Hoon Teri Amma – Amma (1986) mp3 songs

2. Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani – Amma (1986) mp3 songs

3. Rock Baby Rock – Amma (1986) mp3 songs

4. Taqdeer Se Lad Na Sake Koi – Amma (1986) mp3 songs

Watch Amma Movie 1986 online

If you have not yet seen the Amma movie 1986 or want to refresh your life by watching this movie once again, then you can watch the Amma movie from the link given below. Also, they can download and watch this movie through an offline medium as well.

Amma Movie 1986 Review

Amma Kagi, released in 1986, is still very popular among the fans of old films. In this movie, along with the social issue, an attempt has been made to show the difficulties in the life of a common man. Along with this, how do you cope with those troubles? The director has shown it very well in this film.

Made in the 90s, this film was very much talked about. The movie was shown in theaters for months in many parts of India. And Amma movie broke many records of that time with blockbuster earnings.

Amma Movie Star Cast and Crew

Movie NameAmma
Mithun Chakraborty
Ashok Kumar
Suresh Oberoi
ProducerB. B. Katra
Jiten G H

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