ARCA car racing driver Daniel Dye was caught by police punching an innocent student

An officer caught Daniel Dye hitting his classmate on his groyne. Daniel Dye is 18 years old; he is an ARCA racing car driver. He is a high school student in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was in police custody for punching a student. 

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That injured student explained to the officer that Daniel came in front of him and started dancing while he was sitting in a class. The student pushed him away, but the department said he began to dance again near the student. 

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According to the report, that student thought that Daniel was gone now, but he came from behind and punched him in the waist. According to the statement, the officer says that after that Victim somehow got out of the class even though he was injured entirely. Somehow the student reached home and took his father to the clinic. 

According to the arrest statement, when he arrived at the hospital, the authorities sent him to a urologist. The police also said that this incident happened around 2.30 pm on Monday in High School Daytona. 

Daniel Dye has been suspended indefinitely from the ARCA tournament for a crime of the 2022 ARCA Rulebook Section 12-8.1.E.2, a behavioural penalty referencing ARCA Member Conduct Guidelines.



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